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Destinations we all love: Yes, we love them!

Sun city south Africa

Sun city south africa

Sun city south africa

Deep in the rugged bushveld, in the heart of an ancient volcano, lies the world’s most unique resort, the internationally acclaimed Sun City. The Resort has a unique heartbeat and an African rhythm of its own and is unlike any other Resort destination in the world. This is pure fantasy and your every desire is met.


Burj Al arab

Burj Al arab

Seemingly out of nowhere emerges an ultra-modern city in the middle of a desert. Dubai City is located on the shores of the Persian Gulf. Located in the city is the beautiful Creekside park which lies along the west shore of the Dubai Creek and is a green paradise in a bustling city. Spread over an area of 96 hectares, there is a lot to do here for the entire family. An array of facilities for adults and children are available. The park has a golf course, picnic areas and games for kids.

Walt Disney World Resort

Walt disney world resort

Walt disney world resort

Walt Disney World is both the largest vacation resort in the world and most visited theme park resort in the world. At over 25,000 acres, the massive property features four world-renowned theme parks, twenty-four on-site resorts, two water parks, four mini-golf courses in two locations, an interactive/video game park, a shopping and nighttime entertainment area, and miles of golf courses and outdoor recreation.


London Bridge

London Bridge

There is more to the City than stocks and shares; it is rich in history, culture and visitor attractions. London city is great for exploring – lose yourself among medieval alleyways, ancient churches, Victorian markets and the soaring glass buildings designed by the world’s greatest architects. Perfect destination for summer.



Enjoy with your family in the luxurious city of Singapore. With lots and lots of places to visit, you just will satisfy your dream trip with exotic and heart-warming memories of excitement. Particarly at the famous Sentosa resort where you have lots of attractions that pleases each member of the family. Dive into the aquatic world and get a chance to interact with dolphins, snorkel with rays and come face to face with some of the ocean’s most fascinating creatures and many more.

Hong kong

Hong kong

On first acquaintance Hong Kong can overwhelm. Navigate its teeming, tightly packed sidewalks and you’re met at every turn with neon signage, steam-filled canteens, molasses-slow traffic and a Babel of chatter. Once this first sensory wave has rolled over you, though, take a deep breath and start swimming with the current, because you’ll find Hong Kong is a place to delight in.



If you want to simply unwind, spend an afternoon being pampered at a hamam, or let the warm waters off the Mediterranean coast lap at your toes, then Turkey is a perfect place for you to be. Adventure lovers can head east to Nemrut Daği National Park. Bon vivants need look no further than İstanbul, where the markets and bars are among the most stylish and atmospheric, and the mod Ottoman cuisine rates as the tastiest, in the world.


Snow mountains

Snow mountains

Known as a summer and winter sports paradise (just look at those glistening white 4000m-plus Alpine peaks and glittering lakes), Switzerland is where people first skied for fun. Illustrious names evoke all the romance and glamorous drama of the mountain high life: Zermatt, St Moritz, Interlaken, Gstaad, the Jungfrau, Verbier and more


Bora bora: An Island of islands with a touch of class.

In case you are wondering where on earth Bora bora is located, wonder no more as it is a country in the French Polynesia. Undoubtedly, it’s a place of delight to the lovers of the aquatic world being an island with crystal blue aquatic sceneries. Bora bora at first sight will surely take your breath away such that you can’t afford not to be there and get the feel. Having hotels located right on top of water coupled with the lovely location adds up to make it a perfect destination for couples on honeymoon.

Mountain view from sea shore

Mountain view from sea shore

Bora Bora is a major international tourist destination, famous for its aqua-centric luxury resorts. The major settlement, Vaitape is on the western side of the main island, opposite the main channel into the lagoon. Hotels in Bora bora are highly luxurious and renowned for their location on top of water. No wonder it the world’s most famous tropical island with a lot of sceneries certain to please both the eyes and mind. Thirty years ago, Hotel Bora Bora built the first over-the-water bungalows on stilts over the lagoon and today, over-water bungalows are a standard feature of most Bora Bora resorts. Accommodation in Bora bora is truly very charming and classy.

On-water walk paths

On-water walk paths

Getting There
Thinking about how to get there?  Air Tahiti has five or six flights daily to the Bora Bora Airport on Motu Mute from Tahiti (as well as from other islands). The island is served by Bora Bora Airport on Motu Mete in the north, with Air Tahiti providing daily flights to and from Papeete on Tahiti. All you have to do is get to Tahiti which you can do via Air France. Bora bora is a visa-free destination to Americans and Europeans while others requires visa. Nigerians will need a French visa or a Schengen visa in order to visit Bora bora. It is often advised to consult with the French high commission or a travel consultant for other requirements.

Social Life
Moving around in Bora bora can be quite fun. Public transport on the island is non-existent. Rental cars and bicycles are the recommended method of transport. There are also small fun-cars for hire in Vaitape. Snorkeling and scuba diving in and around the lagoon of Bora Bora are popular activities. There are a few dive operators on the island offering manta ray dives and also shark-feeding dives. Another interesting fact is that you do not have to worry about language. Although French and Tahitian are the main languages spoken by the inhabitants, people in contact with tourists generally have some command of English. Bora bora has experienced most visits by Americans, Japanese and Europeans. Recently, Nigerians have taken delight in the wonderful island of Bora bora and have been frequent visitors too.

Beach Jacuzzi

Beach Jacuzzi

Your take

Now that you know about Bora bora, which island would you want to visit?


How to Enjoy your Flight

Flying is often thought of as a relaxed means of traveling just like cruising. No doubt, it is a largely used means of transportation as sources have it that between 93,000 and 100,000 flights takes off daily at over 9000 airports of the world. With each flight having an assumed average of about 120 passengers, one can say that not less than 11,160,000 people fly around the world.

How to enjoy your flight

Personally, I’m one of those who like to fly. I enjoy having to seat by the window, preferably close to the wings so that I can catch a perfect glimpse of all the dynamics of movement and have that “I know how it works” feeling. Many people fly for many different reasons ranging for business, luxury and many others but its most certain that for so many reasons too, many flyers enjoy their flight differently. Asides those flight turbulences which often causes scare for non-regular flyers and some aero-phobic peeps, I think every flight should be an enjoyable one.

From time past, I can say that I have been of air for more than 150 times travelling from country to country, state to state and so on and from my experience on several flights, I have been able to identify the best things to do to make my flight an enjoyable one. Trust me, these things work for me and I’m almost certain they will work for anyone. Check out some of the below tips I have come up with on how to enjoy your flight. I have grouped them into two categories: Before you fly and while you fly.

Before you fly

a.       Choose the best airlines

Of course, just as we have some student who performs better than their colleagues, so does it applies with airlines. Some airlines are better than the other without questioning. A large percentage of travelers consider some airlines better than the other simply because of their cabin crew, some because of the services while some because of their prices. Different people with different perception of different airline but I will personally recommend that you make use of this site , they will help you with valid information that may help you shape you decision making.

b.      Check-In Online

In this era were almost everything has gone online, the airlines too aren’t left out. Many airlines now provide flyers with options of checking-in online. This will save you the stress of long queues at the airport. Make sure your preferred airline proffers you with online check-in services.

c.       Choose the best seat

This is one thing I really enjoy. I always like the window seats, so does many other flyers. You are in best position to determine the kind of seat position that best suits you. A website that I use is , they provide detailed information about all seats on almost all major airlines of the world. You will even find seat maps and reviews and seat ratings.

d.      Cut down your luggage

I know this isn’t easy for many people but it is very good to limit yourself to hand luggage. You will enjoy it when you’re checking-out and you just walk easily out off the airport, there’s no time needed to be wasted while waiting for baggage pick-up and clearance.

e.      Avoid Peak periods

This may not be possible if you are travelling for events, business appointments and all but if it you can play around your travel periods, try as much to avoid peak periods. Here’s the thing, peak periods are usually most stressful and most expensive. There will be too many travelers at the airport and as a result of high flight prices you may have to eat deeply out of your budget.

f.        The almighty formula

Now, you begin to wonder what almighty formula has got to do with flying. The truth is you can circumvent all the above tips just by using this formula. The formula is to “USE A TRAVEL AGENT”. Many times I ask myself why do I need a travel agent and the answer I get is “do I have the time to do all this planning”. At an agreed service charge, a travel agent becomes your shortcut to an enjoyable flight. Do the flying, let them do the planning.

While you fly

a.     Get a book.

Almost everyone claims they don’t usually have time to read. To be honest, I think this is the perfect chance. Get a new book; your kind of book, preferably something light. You don’t want to be stuck in the air and find that the only thing you’ve got to read is “How to survive a plane crash”

b.      Watch the Movies

Many airlines have installed entertainment screens behind every seat which I think is awesome. You have several movies and music albums that have been loaded for your entertainment. Grab the earpiece and watch all you can.

c.     Grab a travel pillow.

These are so often overlooked, but if you want a decent flight, you don’t want to fall asleep in your lap and get a crook in your neck. You also don’t want to wake up halfway through your flight and discover you’ve been napping on your neighbor’s shoulder. That doesn’t make the rest of the flight very comfortable. Some airlines will provide you with a pillow.

d.      Watch what you drink

During your flight, the cabin crew will routinely offer you drinks, snacks and more. It is up to you whether to consume them all. I often advise not to drink just everything given to you. You don’t want to purge while onboard, of course, going back and forth to the bathroom isn’t a good idea too as you will have to disturb those sitting next to you.

e.     Enjoy your time.

All day, we spend time getting busy trying to get things done, answer every call, read and respond to every mails and do a bunch of other unnecessary activities. On your flight, it’s a different ball game, no calls, no mails, nobody to pester you and you have enough time to think and plan. I often share my flight time for different activities; watch movie, check out the cloud scenery intermittently, reflect on my thoughts and write down my plans. It’s such a quality time on air, enjoy it.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Feel free to submit your own tips, I’m curios to discover new methods.

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