Adventures of a Lifetime

Adventure can be defined as an unusual, exciting, and a typically hazardous experience or activity. It involves engaging in perilous but yet thrilling activities, especially the exploration of unknown territories.

One of the advantages of retiring early is that you can seek out travel adventures before you reach the expiration date of your knees. But do you really need to retire to get to experience adventures. I guess no!

There are so many adventurous activities one can engage in, like cruising in the Island of Maldives, skiing in the indoor ski resort in Dubai, surfing in the beaches of Seychelles, diving into the floating water of the Zambezi river in Zimbabwe, biking in the table mountain in South Africa, kayaking in the shores of Australia, swimming in the Maui island. Whatever your passion is, this is the season to try them out.

The world is an adventure-lovers delight. For some the feeling of dancing with danger and emerging unscathed in the crucible of nature’s playground is unquenchable while for others the  exciting feeling of taking a scenic flight or a wild ride with extreme dives and wing-overs, while getting close to the clouds is quite cool for them.

Life is too short and the world is too big to confine your travels to the well-worn paths. Whatever your dream adventure may be; climbing a high peak, rafting a wild river, or immersing yourself in an exotic culture, you can make it a reality with careful destination research.

Quickly breeze through some adventures I find exciting to whet your appetite.


Nothing can make you smile as much as the realization that you are not dead after jumping out of a plane, that’s the feeling you get after sky-diving.

For those who derive pleasure in engaging in hazardous activities, sky diving is seen as an ideal rush for adventure.

Sky diving

Sky diving

Mountain biking – This is a high speed, gravity fuelled adventure for the outdoor enthusiast who is willing to risk both broken bikes and broken bones. The UK offers some excellent trails for Downhill Mountain biking, particularly in areas such as North Wales.

The pinnacle of this activity, as with most gravity activities, is in the undertaking of impossible jumps and vertical drops which I find breathtaking.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Kite Surfing – This is a high-octane activity that is taking the water sports world by storm, due to its speed, power and endless possibilities. The kite surfer harnesses themselves in to a giant parachute shaped kite, by which they can sail by the wind at rip-roaring speed upon a specialised board.

This adventurous activity is not easy to learn, but in high winds the kite surfer can take off, attaining huge air time, during which acrobatic tricks can be performed.

Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing

 Skiing/Snowboarding – A progression of the more controlled downhill skiing, this involves getting high up on a snow-capped mountain by lift, helicopter or mountaineering. Skiing and Snowboarding is enjoyed in all of the world’s major ski areas.

So for those who wish to graduate from the skateboarding, skiing or snowboarding is one adventurous activity that is worth trying.



 White-water rafting/kayaking – For those who love aquatic adventures, rafting or kayaking is just that perfect activity.

It is about getting from the ‘put in’ to the ‘take out’, getting very wet and scared along the way and running rapids and waterfalls of Grade 5 plus. Rafting or kayaking is often the only way to negotiate some rivers and offers a unique view of nature.

So anyone in fair shape can have a go at rafting, provided they are escorted by an experienced river guide. Rivers such as the Colorado in the Grand Canyon or the mighty Zambezi at Victoria Falls are tourist sites worth trying.



Experience the exhilaration that adventures gives to the soul, and have that adventure of a lifetime this holiday.


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