Five things to do in Spain

Thinking of taking spending your vacation the Spanish way?  It’s no problem at all because Spain has the best of bests to offer. There is always something new and stimulating in this country from the fantastic Mediterranean climate, to culture and cuisine, something is always there to trip you off your feet every moment of your stay. Spain is simply the magical place, where you can enter and feel the enchantment. Spanish life is about good friends, and enjoying the simple, but enlightening things in life. Participation is the key, to truly enjoy the Spanish experience. Every nook and cranny of the country speaks fun. Right from when you set your feet at the airport, it is fun galore in Spain. This epic country has lots on its fun menu – the places to go, things to do and even variety of sumptuous food to tickle your taste buds.

Below are 5 things you can do to guaranty maximum fun all through your stay in the country.

1. Spanish culinary taste: one of the best way to start your Spanish exploring is pay a visit some locals to have a taste of ancient cuisines passed down from generations to generations. Spanish cuisine is a major part of its identity and the kind of recipes that are offered in Spain cannot be found anywhere in the world.   Spanish people generally use olive oil for food preparation. But most of the Spanish cuisines contain seafood. The most important ingredient found in almost all Spanish dishes is meat; either pork, beef, chicken, fish or seafood, a typical Spaniard’s lunch will always be rich in several kinds of meat.Spanish Cuisine

Spanish Cuisine

Aside from meat, vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, pulses, onions, and garlic can also often be found in Spanish dishes. Vegetables and fruits like pomegranates, lemon, avocado and apples come from the fertile land of Spain are also favored. Meats and cheese are special products from the Spain’s highland. Another specialty, olive groves can be seen speckle on the hills of country. The most important item in Spanish cuisines is Paella which is a rice dish that is generally paired with Chorizo – an authentic spicy sausage meat, shrimps and other sea foods.

2. Horse Riding: it is often said that there is no Spain without horse riding.

Horse riding

Horse riding

With most of the locals being cowboys, horse riding is part of the life style in Spain. To see the vast landscape and cultural heritage the country posses, horse riding enables you see these sophisticated land. Never rode on a horse before? Spaniards are more than eager to introduce to you their way of life by running horse riding schools, where you can get to learn with couple of minutes

3. Visiting: Spain has some of the most fascinating cities in Europe, where the Spanish experience await you.



Ancient cities, steeped in history and tradition and blended with modernization shouldn’t be missed. The cities are filled with the proud beat of flamenco and aroma of orange blossom.

Ancient building and palaces that tells you the history of the country in one sight, museums and art galleries that explains it all to you should also be visited.

4. La Tomatina, The Tomato fight:  while visiting the cities, endeavor to participate in any of the endless fiestas held annually in different part of the country. La Tomatina is the name of the tomato fight which is organized in the village of Bunyol situated near Valencia. The fight is held in August every year. This is one mad fiesta in Spain people come from different part of the country and the world at large to watch and even participate in the fight.

Tomato fight

Tomato fight

The population of the village is 9000 but this number turns into 30,000 during the giant tomato fight. If you are in Spain, then you must take part in the event as it is full of fun and joy.

5. Swimming in the Spanish Waters: Spain posses some beautiful coastline, long white beaches, rocky coves, and fabulous marinas. Exotic Spanish beaches are renowned for their beautiful and relaxing environment. For the beach lover, beaches in Canaries, Lanzarote, Ibiza, Tenerife, Alicante, and Malaga are considered to be the super wonderful and fun to go. Their powdery sand bed is nothing but captivating. In a lazy ambiance, these serene beaches call everyone for relaxed basking and unending fun to witness. For those blessed with excess adrenaline, White water rafting, paddling, diving in azure water, boating and many more adventurous activities are all in option to give you a swelling experience.



If you are still indecisive about the place where to spend your next vacation, there aren’t too many thoughts to blur your decision. Spain is one of those great places you will not likely to forget too soon. It is one thing to visit Spain, but it is something completely different to feel it and live the life in the same manner as the locals live it – wild, colorful, and full of new and unique flavors.


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