The World is closer than you think

close world

The world is closer than you can imagine

Have you ever thought of a world where white sand beaches, pristine waters and scenic getaways aren’t as far away as we may think? A world where the wildlife adventure and the romantic cruise is stirring right into our eyes, a world of endless fascinations or better still, a world where fun and pleasure is indispensable. Wait a minute! I really don’t think this is the time to imagine, I think it’s the time to know. So as you take your time to read this, also take a minute to close your eyes, open it, and visualize the world right in front of you because truly this world I’m about to open up to you is closer than you think.

You may be saying to yourself; “what world is he referring to?” And so it is that time to let the cat out of the bag.  Off course, a trip to the Heaven would only come after death would have occurred, but guess what! You really don’t need death to experience heaven as there’s a plot of heaven right here on earth. Yet again you may be like; did I hear you say a plot of heaven right here on earth? Well yes! A plot of heaven right here on earth and this plot is regarded as the “World of travel”.

Maui Island

Maui Island

Reunion Island

Reunion Island

Sao Paulo Zoo

Sao Paulo Zoo

This world broadens your horizon, it feeds you to the fantasies on earth, and most especially it reliefs you from the trauma of life. So many travelers travel round the world only to find its beauties, but what they forget to know is that, if they don’t carry along this world with them, they might not be lucky to do so in a second attempt.

Now that life is much better all thanks to the world of travel, a dream visit to Hawaii or the Caribbean is upon your face or better still a visit to Tenerife, Cape Town or the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is seating right next to you. Whatever your interest may be, this world is right in your hands and it’s only you that determines if you want to let it go or better still, make it stay forever.


Giza Pyramids

Bora bora

Bora bora

Table Mountain

Table Mountain

From whale watching trips in the Pacific Northwest America to the wildlife adventure in Africa, this world’s ravishing beauty is knocking at your door, waiting for you to open up and it’s only when you have the desire, curiosity, some planning acumen, and a little money in the bank that this world comes to stay for good.

World N’ Traveland, with its expertise in the travel industry, can help bring this world right down to your door step. With our remarkable destination packages to places like Rio de Janeiro, Guangzhou, Maldives and trips to some familiar destinations such as China, Hong Kong, Brazil, it’s truly just all around the world with us.

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