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Morocco is in northwestern Africa lying against the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, and bordering Algeria and Western Sahara, and is mostly mountainous with intervening plateaus valleys and some coastal plains. The Berbers have dominated Moroccan history for thousands of years, and a strengthening economy is helping to engaging the nation to freer trade with the EU and other partners while boosting education and living standards.
Capital: Rabat
Time Zone: UTC
Population: 34,343,220
Languages: Arabic, French, Berber Dialects
Power: 127/220V, 50 Hz
Currency: Moroccan Dirham – Currently 1 MAD = 0.1159 USD $
Climate: Morocco has a Mediterranean climate that becomes more extreme in the interior, and has a cooler and wetter winter from November to March and a hotter and drier summer from June to late August. – Currently 64º, Mostly Cloudy weather4icon.gif

Morocco is an Arabic country placed in the North part of Africa. It…

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