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Madrid City Guide

Planning to visit Madrid, Spain? Wondering what Madrid looks like? Check out this video clip..


Travelling distances without sightseeing isn’t a travel experience

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page but even if you do, the only way to really have a sense of how it works is experiencing it yourself. Travelling distances without sightseeing isn’t a travel experience, yes it isn’t! Because travelling is not just about the world but it’s also about you. Travel imparts new vigour to your mind, and this only happens when you take a journey and discover unimaginable things about yourself.



The joy of new experience is the most wonderful thing about travel. It frees you from the grind of daily routine and opens you to the fantasy of life. It gives you a new world of knowledge as you explore new places, learn new things, savour new cuisines and meet new people with different cultures and beliefs. You can never have a memorable travel experience if you don’t go sightseeing because travelling isn’t about being anonymous in a strange land but about being appreciated in a strange land and this only comes when you explore your new (but temporary) environment.

Fun experience

Fun experience

Travelling, in itself, makes you happy but having a travelling experience (with places visited) even makes you happier. For those who never joke with sightseeing in their holidays, they wish at times that the time could move so slowly, so as to keep enjoying the beauty the world has to offer.
If you’ve love travelling and have never gone sightseeing to The Great Wall of China, The Sheikh Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, The Table Mountain in South Africa or even The Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, then, I guess you are missing out big time. These sites are breathtaking and I bet you, a visit to any one of them would make you forever want to keep travelling.

Great wall of China

Great wall of China

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


Giza Pyramids

Drakensberg Mountain

Drakensberg Mountain

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

The world of travel is a world of excitements, a world of adventures, a world of dynamic experiences, and a world of diverse scenic landscapes. The travel world is a world of beauty and you can only get to experience this beauty when you explore. Travelling and Sightseeing are inseparable, so therefore, make this next holiday one of memorable experiences. Remember this, the traveller sees what he sees but the tourist sees what he has come to see. So make a wise choice today

La Sagrada Familia

With over two million visitors per year, La Sagrada Familia undoubtedly offers the best of tourist experience in Barcelona, Spain.
Its is not just a building yet not just an attraction, its a whole lot more.


Attention world travellers! Want to visit some exotic places in summer, yet where it is easy to be a tourist? Have you ever dreamt of experiencing Dubai during summer?

Well if the answer to these questions is yes, I think it’s about time you have that trip, and if no, I also think it’s time to think about a trip to Dubai.

Dubai is one of the cities in the United Arab Emirate and not only is it one of the cities in UAE; it is also one of the richest in the world.

Below is a list of five major reasons why Dubai stands out from the rest of the world. So sit back and experience the beauty of Dubai staring at your face.

Reason #1: Skiing or Cruising

I know only the thoughts of skiing or cruising is thrilling, so I’m sure you’d like to try them out. That’s right, skiing in the middle of the dessert or cruising in the seas of Dubai. Skiing is so cool in Dubai and one place you would love to try out is the Indoor Ski Resort. It has 5 slopes with many different winter based activities to keep you occupied.



So if you love skiing, check out the indoor ski resort on your next trip to Dubai.

Reason #2: Luxury

Dubai is known for its luxury and its prodigality, and this is one of the reasons why the city witnesses a large number of tourists coming in every year.

The city has the world’s most sumptuously rich and elaborate hotel, the Burj Al Arab.


Burj Al Arab

This hotel is expensive to stay but I know you don’t mind treating yourself a luxury. But if you feel this is too big for you, $90 can get you a cream tea and with $150, you can treat yourself to a weekday brunch at the well renowned park Hyatt hotel.

As much as people complain of less capital, everyone still wants to treat his or herself in a special way.

Reason #3: Shopping

If the luxury is not enough to excite you, then perhaps you’d like to go shopping. Did I hear you say shopping? Yes shopping!

Well known for its bargain prices and multitudinous shopping facilities, Dubai is a great place for anyone who likes to shop.

Mall of the emirates

Mall of the emirates

With many stalls, boutiques and shopping centres to choose from, lovers of a good bargain will find Dubai exciting destination.

Let me give you a little trick that is worth trying out on your next visit to Dubai. Travel to Dubai with practically an empty suitcase, and when you get there, buy and take home all the wonderland discounted items you’ll find there.

Try this, it really works!

Reason #4: Food

Food is an integral part of the culture and heritage of a tourist destination and Dubai is not an exception. It offers a wide range of culinary delights complete with mouth watering local and international cuisines. Restaurants and fast food chains are dotted across the city to provide quality dining experiences to tourists. The cafes provide a time of relaxation with a steaming mug of coffee or tea complemented with a sweet dish.

Peking Duck Delicacy

Peking Duck Delicacy

Food in Dubai is cheap but for those seeking something more expensive, hotel restaurants could be an appeasing choice. They provide exclusive dining experiences in a sophisticated ambience. The bars, pubs and discos are open late into the night.

For me, Dubai trip is quite incomplete if one misses out on the local and regional delicacies this city has to offer.

Reason #5: Nightlife/Clubbing

One thing I’m sure about is that travellers and tourists, loves clubbing or going to the beach. They see it has a form of taking their mind of the hazards and trauma of life and this is why a visit to Dubai is a must this holiday.

Cavalli club restaurant lounge Dubai

Cavalli club restaurant lounge Dubai

Famous for its night life, Dubai is the place to be if you want to try out modish bars and night clubs that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. One place to try out is the 360 degree club. This club is orbicular and is just 1km away from the sea but has one of the best views and great dance music nights you can ever experience in the world.

But if you go for a more casual yet just an amazing night out, you may want to try the Nasimi beach, a manmade beach about 7km away from Dubai’s amazing lights.

From the laid back tavern to the ever lively clubs then down to its heavenly beaches, you would definitely want to have a shot at the scenic natural wonders of Dubai.


Madeira Island: See it all

Explore the Island and discover the beauty. See the people, places and all Madeira has to offer.



In Riyadh, the old and new co-exist harmoniously. The capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1932, the city has evolved into one of the most architecturally interesting places in the region, with striking buildings of all shapes and sizes dominating the skyline.

From swanky malls to traditional souks, Riyadh caters to all tastes.

For the shopaholic, there are many international brands and plush boutiques on Sal Wazir Street and the Olaya district. And if you fancy something more traditional, head for the outskirts of Riyadh, where you’ll find traditional souks and one of the largest camel markets in the Middle East.


Dir’aiyah: 18 miles north of Riyadh lies the dried-mud remnants of Dir’aiyah, the first capital of the Al- Saud clan, Saudi Arabia’s ruling family. From its origins in 1446, it reached its heights of glory by the end of the 18th century, but was devastated in 1818 by the Ottoman Turks. Today, the picturesque ruins –including palaces, mosques and the city wall – are testimony to its rich past.RIYAHD- Dir’aiyah-worldtraveland

Prince Abdullah Mosque: The Prince Abdullah Mosque in Kingdom Tower in Riyadh, located 180 meters above sea level, is the highest in the world. Featuring a stunning dome, it covers an area of 500 square meters.

RIYAHD- mosque-worldtraveland

Al-Musmak Fortress: Al-Musmak, located in the oldest portion of the city was captured in 1902 by Abdul Aziz Al-Saud from the Al-Rashid clan, a step that eventually lead to the unification of the regions and clans that now make up the kingdom. Don’t forget to explore the Masmak Citadel, which resembles a gigantic children’s sand castle.

RIYAHD-Al-Musmak Fortress


Like everything else in Riyadh, your accommodation options are very diverse, and range from 5-star hotels to budget hotels – all available at reasonable rates.


Taxis are very convenient way of getting across the city, with reasonable rates as well. Most cabbies speak English, so communicating is never a hindrance. Since the roads in and around Riyadh are quite good, a rental car is also a great way to explore the city on your own.


Official Currency:   Saudi Riyal

Languages:               Arabic (official), English

Time Zone:              GMT/UTC +3 hours

Electricity:              110V / 220V 60Hz

ISD Code:                +966


Best Time to Visit: November – February

Visa Information:

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