Sometimes planning a trip can be very tedious especially when it is your first trip. You can be clueless as to what and where to begin. Here is a step by step guide on planning your trip.

Decide your destination

Many people talk vaguely about where they want to go. Deciding where you are going gives you a definite and specific goal. It is easier to mentally picture going to Venice than going to Europe. Picking a particular destination is immensely important as it makes your trip easier to commit to and make planning hassle free.

How long is your trip?

You cannot ascertain how much your trip costs if you haven’t decided on how long you are going to stay. When you tell your friends you are going to Dubai, you might as well tell them for how long.

Research your expenses  

Now you know the destination and length of your stay, you have to find out how much your trip will cost you. How much are hostels, hotels, attractions and restaurants? Do you want a travelling bag? Knowing all these will help you have an estimate of how much you’ll need for your trip. You could simply buy a guidebook or check out websites to get more information on travel cost and expenses.

Save money

Having known the cost of your trip, you might find out that you will need to save up to cover the expenses. Write down all your expenditure, make a budget to determine how much you are spending and in which area you can cut cost. For example, if you need £3000 for the trip you’re taking in 9months, it means you only have to save £10.75 per day. Isn’t that easier than to wait till your departure time?

Check for travel deals

If you want to get the best affordable travel deals, you should be flexible with your dates. Before booking your tickets, check for travel deals. You may be surprised at how much you can save from last minute deals. planning800

Booking your flights

Book your flights through a reliable travel agency to avoid unwarranted cancellation or being the person on the flight who paid the most. To find cheap fares, book your ticket or make your reservation on To get the best deals, book your flight two months in advance. You can also check our previous post on how to get cheap flights.  

 Booking your hotel

Always endeavor to book your accommodation on time. If you already know the destination and duration of your stay, feel free to book your hotel and stand the chance on getting the rewards set out for long-term bookings.  

Plan your stay

Plan your activities before setting out on your journey. Make adjustments where needed and read about the kind of activities obtainable at your destination. Book your tours on time and don’t forget to set your time if you are going into another time zone.

Take what you need

Unless you have multiple hands and willing to pay extra for excess luggage, pack what you need and reserve the space for what you are bringing from your destination.

Buy travel insurance

It is always practical to insure yourself against damages or health risks. Some unforeseen health challenges might occur and you might not have enough money to cover the cost. Your travel insurance should be able to cover flight, property and health hazards depending on your policy. Remember, as you are going to the airport, don’t forget your passport. Taking all these steps into consideration and applying them will help you prepare and organize your trip.


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