Revealed: where tourists outnumber locals

Repeating Islands

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France may have the most tourists – but it’s a very different story when you compare the number of tourists to locals, as the  fascinating graphic accompanying this article from by Tom Metcalf of London’s Telegraph shows (you can access it through the link below). Click on a region to zoom or a country to see how it’s level of tourism compares to population.

Figures released last year by the United Nations World Tourism Organization showed France remains the world’s most visited country, with more than 83 million international tourist arrivals in 2012. When it comes to attracting visitors France has no shortage of draws – Alpine ski resorts, Mediterranean beaches, food, wine and culture clearly hold great appeal.
But what happens if you take visitor numbers and compare them to a country’s population, to give the number of tourists per head of population? As the heat map above shows…

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