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Bora bora: An Island of islands with a touch of class.


In case you are wondering where on earth Bora bora is located, wonder no more as it is a country in the French Polynesia. Undoubtedly, it’s a place of delight to the lovers of the aquatic world being an island with crystal blue aquatic sceneries. Bora bora at first sight will surely take your breath away such that you can’t afford not to be there and get the feel. Having hotels located right on top of water coupled with the lovely location adds up to make it a perfect destination for couples on honeymoon.

Mountain view from sea shore Mountain view from sea shore

Bora Bora is a major international tourist destination, famous for its aqua-centric luxury resorts. The major settlement, Vaitape is on the western side of the main island, opposite the main channel into the lagoon. Hotels in Bora bora are highly luxurious and renowned for their location on top of water. No…

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The Lake Retba: A cup of milkshake prepared by nature

Ever heard of The Lake Retba?

It is an hour away from the capital city of Senegal and unlike anything you have ever seen before. This unusual lake depending on the day, changes colour from a light purple to deep scarlet pink. This remarkable water body called lake Retba or Lac Rose(French is the official language of Senegal) lies north of Cape Vert peninsula of Senegal north east of Dakar. It is well known for having been the end point of the famous Dakar rally which has since been relocated to South America.

Lake Retba

Lake Retba

A cup of milkshake prepared by nature

Its distinct pink coloration is caused by the salt-loving organism Dunaliella salina. The organism produces a red pigment in order to absorb the sunlight, thus giving the lake its unique pink colour. Its colour is especially visible during the dry season which lasts from November to June and less during the rainy season which lasts from July-October.

Because of its high salt content, not many living organisms are able to survive in the lake. This is why it serves mainly as a tourist attraction and salt production. For a huge part of the year, salt harvesting is the major activity of the lake. Salt farmers spend 10-12 hours a day in the water collecting salt from the lake bed with their skin coated with butter to protect them from the harsh salinity of the water.   When visiting the lake, you will be amazed by the array of the mountains of salt packed up next to the lake’s shore, the pink Colour of the lake’s water and the gold sand dunes on the other side of the Lac Rose.

10 great reasons to visit Japan in the summer

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Kamikochi in summertime Kamikochi in summertime

Spring is sprung, the snow has melted, the blossom is on the trees, and the Japanese are out in full force to celebrate the end of a long old winter. Yes, everybody loves a bit of spring.

But I’m sick of hearing about spring already. I already know about all the great reasons to travel to Japan in the spring. What about summer?!

Perhaps it’s the sweltering heat, or the humidity so thick you could spread it on toast – or perhaps it’s just that everyone goes so ga-ga for spring that they forget there was ever any other season. For whatever reason, summer in Japan tends to get a bit of a bad rap, and it’s totally undeserved.

NEWSFLASH!Summer (June – August) is actually an awesome time to travel to Japan, and here’s why:

  • Fewer crowds & discount prices

Now I’m not going to lie…

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Canton Fair China: World’s Largest Business Fair

Are you into Electronics, hardware, home decorations, clothing, textiles, machinery, chemical products, general equipment, vehicle and parts, gifts or medical products? Do you want to take your businesses to the next level? Here is your chance ​….

Be a part of the  global business community attending the Canton fair, the largest  China trade fair held in Guangzhou. The 117th edition is slated to hold between 15th of April and 5th May 2015.

The Canton Fair attracts more than 24,000 China’s best foreign trade companies with good credibility and sound financial capabilities, and 500 overseas companies to participate in the Fair.The Fair aims to enhance and promote  business networking, professionalism and friendship among its participants from all over the world.

This is your chance give your merchandise a global outlook by learning and sharing ideas with experienced business tycoons and create new markets during the different phases of the fair.

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Here is a breakdown of the different phases:

Phase 1 – 15th – 19th April 2015

  • Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Vehicles & Spare Parts
  • Machinery
  • Hardware & Tools
  • Building Materials
  • Chemical Products
  • International Pavilion

Phase 2 – 23rd – 27th April 2015

  • Consumer Goods
  • Gifts & Toys
  • Home Decorations

Phase 3 – 1st – 5th May 2015                      

  • Textiles & Garments

Watch highlight from 116th edition of the Canton Business Fair

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